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“Better Buy: CVS Health vs. Walmart “

The competition among retail companies is growing day by day. The retail pharmacy business is so much more than what it was earlier. E-Commerce is changing how the business operates. You will be more surprised to see the two of the biggest players punches each other in terms of sales in this competition of pharmaceutical companies.

cvs achievers
cvs achievers

The retail pharmacy market is overgoing a war between the two pharmacy business companies that is CVS Health and Walmart. Both the companies are presenting one after the other moves to remain relevant in the growing retail pharmacy industry. The customers are now in a confusion of which stockholder will win the battle between the two retail pharmacy leaders.

Meanwhile, Walmart did deliver its bigger gains to the investors in order to be in the competition. But CVS Health has the acquisition of Giant Insurer Aetna that holds the potential to shake all the things up in this competition. We will be able to provide you both the case so that you will be able to decide which is the better stock that you should purchase for Long Term Investing.


Walmart has a reach beyond the pharmacy as it is a retail powerhouse that serves millions of customers in the US. Also, Walmart was ranked as No.5 in the Pharmacy Chain in the US. The retail business of this company did increase year after year at 3.2% in the Third Quarter. Due to it, There was an increase in the average spending per customer.

As it has an overgrowing sales in online Groceries, Walmart offers Pick-Up Towers and Groceries Deliveries in more than 1400 stores. Walmart is ow rolling out a lineup in the Lawn and Garden as well as Home Improvement Products. Not only It is a tough competitor against CVS Health but also Walmart stands strong against Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement Companies.

CVS Health:

CVS Health has many advantages over Walmart as it is consists of three major leading businesses that squeeze up into one. The company has a retail health care segment that includes its many retail stores and its Omnicare pharmacy business. Its Omincare Business will be able to serve Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Other Long Term Care Services.

Primarily, CVS includes its CVS Caremark Pharmacy that helps to provide benefits of management business. While its healthcare benefits segments include Aetna that has the capability to shake things up in the market and CVS’s SIlvercare Medicare Part D Plans. Due To All these benefits, there are chances of CVS running out Walmart stocks in this competition. CVS serves more than 5 million customers every day. One of the biggest reasons to buy the stocks of CVS Health is innovative products. The company consistently provides efficient quality products.

Which is Better?

We think that Walmart will be a more reliable option to invest in for long term investors. It will stay in the competition for a long time as it has multiple pathways in many industries. We also think that this company will be able to defend its position against the upcoming great threat by As it also has the most attractive dividend stocks, Walmart will be the best opponent to last in the competition.