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Things CVS Employees Are NOT Allowed

CVS does care about its customers as well as its employees. But it surely is one of the most trusted health and beauty stores that has its wings spread all over the US. As CVS expects its employees to give their 100 percent in doing their work, It has some rules and restrictions for its employees. So that employees will not have any kind of distraction from doing their work.

cvs achievers
cvs achievers

Here are some of the restrictions and points that a CVS Employee is not allowed to do. To know the things that a CVS employee will not do, you just have to follow these below-given points.

1. No Mobiles

Cell Phones play a major role in distracting you from your work. Almost everyone nowadays has a habit of using their cell phones continuously. So CVS puts restrictions on using cell phones. When we find some employees texting and using his phone continuously then he will not respond well if you ask him something as he is more interested in the phone than the customers. Thus it is really a good thing that CVS employees are not using cell phones.

2. Take It Easy While On-Duty

When an employee is on duty, he/she does not have permission to crack jokes and dance in the store. Each minute of the work is busy so that you can work well and it will surely increase the growth of the company. On top of long hours of working, employees also need to attend store meetings once in a month which they are not paid for.

3. Dress To Impress Others

A CVS employee must have to wear a polo T-shirt or curb-side t-shirt along with the khaki or black pants. CVS provides a dress code for the employees so that the employees look more professional while they are on Duty.

4. Tell Customers They Are Wrong

CVS follows up the Motto that Customers are always right and you do not have to argue with any customers. Even if the customer is yelling loudly at the employees then also the employees will have to stay calm and silent. The management will also choose the side of the customer even if the employee is right and customers are wrong because the customer is always right.

5. Take Matters in Their Own Hands

Once two employees of CVS did stop the robbers on the risk of their lives from robbing the shop. But instead of appreciation, they both got fired as they violated the CVS Policy. Therefore it is not allowed for the employees to do any physical confrontation with anyone even if you are stopping the store robbery.